Friday, 6 July 2012


I can now safely say that I have been on this planet for more than two decades now, starting from when I left the womb a squalling, tiny baby, hungry for life and milk, to this overgrown whale full of fried wontons and cake. It is moments like this when one takes a moment to deeply reflect on one’s life and it’s progress thus far and truly think about the differences one has made in this grubby world that we live in. To think about deep questions like, “Why do my inner narratives sound like they’re voiced by Anthony Bourdain?” 

Yay for role models!
 But whether or not your spirit animal is an irate, yet wholly entertaining celebrity chef and television personality, the entrance into full-fledged adulthood come with many things, some good, like ice-cream cake and some bad, like an existential crisis. To think about all the things that lay ahead of you, but be reminded that you generally fail at life. But even then, that’s okay.

With grown-up responsibilities (I hear you snicker) on the horizon like the need to seriously revise for impending re-sits, moments like this can be fleeting. But as with everything in life, sometimes it’s okay to have a guilt-free moment being an utter waste of space and a burden on society for just one day. After that, keep that guilt a-comin’.

Because nothing says BIRTHDAYYY like being pelted with a bucket of confetti. My brother is a devious man. :D

I look unintentionally sinister here, but rest assured, it is due to lighting and cake.

So here's to turning 22, and here's to hoping I can make through the next 22 years, and then some.

- Diana x x x

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