Friday, 27 July 2012

Free Stuff Friday II

So here's the second installment of Free Stuff Friday in which I review freebies that I managed to pick up along the way, but I'm very excited to present to you the newest project between my good friend Amelia and I, our brand new beauty blog! So clicky! 

But without further ado, let's go on ahead with more freebies, today's being:

The Face Shop Quick and Clean Sebum Control Toner and Mild Emulsion

Price: It's unavailable through the website, but I'm sure online shops will still stock this product.

Full Size: 140 ml

Sample Size: 8ml

What they say: This refreshing fast-absorbing emulsion with Natural Moisturizing Factor sodium hyaluronate hydrates without stickiness. Purslane Chamomile and Tea Tree oil soothe oily skin from inflammation. 

What I say: These were some of the earliest products I started using from The Face Shop and have decided to revisit them recently for the purposes of this review and I can immediately see why I enjoyed using them so much a couple of years ago. Both have a pleasant sort of green tea scent that's definitely present, but not enough to be a nuisance. The toner feels very refreshing and is absorbed into the skin very quickly, yet remains very gentle. A problem I had a couple of years ago was persistent acne, and as a result, I'd often wind up scratching my face, leaving spots of raw, broken skin, so toners would sting, but this one was on the gentler side. The moisturiser was definitely a plus for me, as it has a very light almost gel-like texture, which is where the emulsion part comes into play.

As I have oily skin, I appreciate a good moisturiser that keeps my skin feeling nice and adequately moisturised without being too oily, and this does the job quite well, I feel that it would be suited quite well to those with normal to oily skin, but those with dryer skin may not find this moisturising enough.
A downside to this product is the packaging. While the toner's packaging makes sense, in that you can put a cotton pad over the top and turn it upside down to get the product, the lack of pump makes this product difficult to access evenly, as shaking the product could potentially distribute more than necessary. I got around this by dipping a cotton bud into the product and only using what the bud picks up, which works fine for the sample packaging, but having had a look at the full size bottle, it's a heavy glass bottle that also lacks a pump, and has a narrow hole in which the product comes out of. Highly impractical if you ask me. Still, the metal screw on cap makes it look all wicked retro and stuff.

This isn't the Mild Emulsion, but the bottle is otherwise identical,

Rating: 8/10, would've been 9, were it not for the impractical packaging.

Will I purchase this in a full size?

Yes, I would. I really like how light the moisturiser is on my skin, and I'd be willing to bear with the silly bottle because of the nice product!

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