Thursday, 13 September 2012


I apologise for my absence yet again from the blogosphere. This tends to happen when you are a terrible human being and prefer to spend your internet time watching people make cakes competitively. Chocolate zucchini cake anyone?

In the meantime, I’m on day 3 of a brand new gym membership. I’ve always been on the pudgy side, but I’m not up for a long explanation justifying my body shape and desire to change it, nor will I go into a long spiel of how every body is beautiful and different and special in it’s own way. Bottom line is I’m a pudgy kid and I want to change that. And to do so, I need to flail around in a very organized fashion aimed to shrink said wobbly bits, but amidst that, here’s a little nugget of innernet funnies I find relevant.

At the gym: who is looking at whom
You can find more of this here. Go on! Click on the caffiene induced madness!

And of course, I couldn't start a gym membership without a cute outfit!!


I know I'm totally rocking that whole angsty Changster (who needs grills when you have a retainer, amIright?) look with my copious amounts of swag, from my Primark tracky bottoms, carefully worn out tennis shoes and ironic hoodie. That whole "I-know-I-look-badass-but-I-spend-my-weekends-playing-DOTA-in-the-basement."

That's a joke, I don't play DOTA.

But being the sartorial genius that I am (I kno this outfit is totez adorbz guyzzz), this ensemble is not only totally stylish but also very practical, as the thicker tracky bottoms not only absorb the sweat from my pasty jiggly bits but also protect me from the harsh Aberdonian elements, and the hoody acts as a barrier from the pissy downpour that greeted us this morning. Plus, it's the only other hoody I own. The other one has a dinosaur and balloons on it. You can guess which one is more socially acceptable.

So that's just a quick update from me, I'm off to do more glamorous things now in glamourous Aberdeen (read: shower then make lunch in my dressing gown) so toodaloo!

Diana x x x

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  1. and how IS the weather in Doom? or do i not want to know. also, the one thing i miss about the gym is aimlessly perving on all the beefcakes, so hooray and enjoy that! xxx