Tuesday, 20 March 2012


When you start wondering whether or not to go into lectures today, that is the exact moment that you decide you’re not going. Because if you were, the thought of missing lectures would never have crossed your mind. I’m so very terrible for that, I woke up today thinking I was going to go to my English lecture, then my Psychology lecture and sprint to the other side of uni for a tutorial. Then I decided that I was all:

I’m totally going to wind up living in a cardboard box because I never go to lectures. Never missed a tutorial, never missed a workshop and usually handing in assignments on time (THERE WAS THAT ONE TIME OKAY JEEZ YOU’RE NOT MY MOM) but lectures shall be my downfall. I kept telling myself last year that I’d go to more lectures but I must be the only person I know who goes to maybe 2 out of 6 lectures a week, so with this in mind, how do I never have time to do anything? BUT THIS WILL CHANGE AFTER EASTER (yeah, right) I’m hoping the prospect of me failing everything because of the lack of lecture-knowledge will scare me into going more often. Seeing as how I’m not going anywhere for Easter and most of my friends will be going back to their respective homes that aren’t millions of miles away, maybe the downtime will be good for me to camp out in front of the computer and revise everything I’ve missed.


Jumper - Warehouse
Boots - Clarks

I usually wear this with leggings because I try to be sensible most of the time, but for the purposes of this photo...I forgot.

There should be a picture of me next to the word 'mess' in the Oxford dictiondary.

- Diana xxx

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