Saturday, 17 March 2012


Disclaimer: Majority of today's pictures were ruthlessly pirated of Facebook. Please don't sue. I don't have enough money for frivolous things like lawsuits.

Papa Law once said “Sometimes it’s good for young people to go to formal events every once in a while.” He probably liked the idea of us young’uns getting dressed up to go to something cultured and refined rather than sitting around like hobos around a campfire. Not that I would know anything about hobos. Or campfires for that matter.

I really do like dressing up (if you haven’t already noticed) but dressing up fancy? That’s a rare treat. I went to the International Society Ball last year wearing a simple floral shift and nude shoes and it’s such a nice feeling, looking around and seeing people all dressed up. In retrospect, that dress makes me look as wide as a house in photos, but at the time, I really appreciated seeing the amount of effort people took into looking nice for one evening.

There’s so much distinct difference between dressing up for a night out and dressing up for a formal event. Nights out often mean lots of skin, lots of makeup and the sometimes omission of common sense and good taste (like a super-lacy bra unintentionally jutting out of a dress. Not that I would know.) But for the latter, you do start to put more thought into it, at least I did. I went to the Aberdeen University Dance Society showcase a few nights ago and for something organized and ran by a student society, it was so impressive. At the scale that everything was, you’d never have guessed it was uni-based on account of how professional everything seemed.

This guy here is loving life.

I tried to go for an old-hollywood look here with vampy lips, swishy dress and Veronica lake-esque waves, and I would have succeeded if my ENORMOUS FACE HADN’T RUINED EVERYTHING.

Dress - Christmas present from Allisan and Amelia <3
Heels - ASOS

I would really like a defined jawline and cheekbones for my birthday. It'd be just in time for summer! Please?

- Diana xxx

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