Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I am a dressy sloth.

By now, it’s been clearly established that I REALLY like being dressed up. But it should also be noted that I am PROFOUNDLY lazy. Like, given a choice between skipping a meal and cooking a meal, I’d rather veg out watching the food network rather than actually feeding myself. Terrible, I know. 

In a way, this laziness is kind of reflected in the way I dress. I see people on campus walking around in joggie bottoms and a grubby hoodie and I’m not okay with that. I don’t care if you’re wearing £90 track pants with a designer hoodie, you still look somewhat unwashed. But despite my crippling laziness, the bare minimum’s always been a clean shirt and jeans, but towards the second half of my first year at uni, I started upping my wardrobe game a little by wearing dresses and jumpers more often, at first glance, a sartorial improvement but upon further inspection, the lazy girl’s key to looking presentable with minimal effort.

I’ve been hankering for a jumpsuit lately, taking this laziness to a whole new level. I’m not okay with adult onesies, because I really don’t want to look like a giant, overgrown, lady-baby, but strangely enough, I’m taking a shine to the idea of a well-cut jumpsuit in a dark colour, eliminating the need to match a top with a pair of trousers. In an ideal world, I would be a size eight  all my clothes would be lined up in pairs so I wouldn’t have to go through multiple outfit changes in the morning, so everything I pick out would be well-coordinated with minimal thought, giving me a tiny bit more time to snooze in the morning.

Enter the jumpsuit.

I think the heat and humidity of Brutown kinda has a role in my sudden inclination towards this sudden sartorial choice, since it's too hot for a sensible person to spend the whole day in jeans (although I am far from sensible) and these roomy bad boys are making me see them as THE only way to go, instead of the glorified pyjamas that they are.

That said though, there's always the risk of me taking things a bit too far.

Uh, no.
Definitely no.

What do you think? Aye or Nay for jumpsuits?

- Diana x x x

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