Wednesday, 20 June 2012


You may vaguely recall me referencing to what I hope becomes a new phenomenon that is Adventure Wednesdays (which I firmly believe are the best kind of Wednesdays ever) and today, I proudly present to you, my scant (but hopefully growing) handful of readers; Adventure Wednesday: Brunei Edition.

Adventure Wednesday: Brunei Edition was a glorious boat-riding, jungle-hiking, monkey-spotting event that birthed excitement, giggles and sweat. So much sweat. Amelia’s friend Sinda, who’s also a very good friend of mine has come to stay with her for a couple of weeks and so I tagged along on today’s expedition, which involved a tour of the Bruneian landmark Kampong Ayer.
A brief background of Kampong Ayer (which literally translates to ‘Village Water’ and thus known as the Water Village) consists of almost 30,000 homes and numerous schools and clinics, as well as a resident fire station, hospital and police station, all suspended on stilts above a vast expanse of water. An integral part of Bruneian culture, it remains largely unchanged, yet still has signs of modern development visible in recent architecture.

Picture Tiemz!

Adventure Time! Grab your friends!

Jungle Boogie. Spooky stuff.

I’ve been on boat rides through Kampong Ayer maybe 3 or 4 times now, but I never really consider how much I enjoy it until I’m actually on the boat whizzing through the jungle. Everytime I take a trip down the river, there’s always this absolutely breathtaking greenery followed by a tour through the complex maze of the village, showing just how massive it really is.

After getting off the boat and zipping through town, we had Korean food for lunch (porktastic) followed by some downtime.

It’s worth noting that I am really outta shape (in other words, I am a fatass) but in the spirit of adventure, I also went hiking in quite a popular nature park. Fortunately I made it back in one piece, but the wonderful view made my slow crawl up various hills worth it.

Moar picturez!

The adventure continues!

Made it to the end!! #fattiesovercome

 I may have been sweating and broken at the end of the hike (just me, everyone else was fine) but I really enjoyed it and would probably do it again even (maybe). So three cheers for Adventure Wednesdays!

Also, I am now on the hipstercam Instagram bandwagon, so go and follow me on dielipp if you have such a device! Dae eet!

Mucho besos

- Diana x x x

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