Sunday, 19 February 2012

Click your heels.

I may have gone mental. In fact, I may already BE mental (if this were the case, it would explain SO much about me. Just ask my friends, both real and imaginary.) A mental magpie, actually. But I zoomed in on the shiniest and most magnificent thing in my range of vision and made a beeline for these:

Be still, my heart.

Another thing about these that I can’t seem to shake is how much they remind me of the red glitter Jeffrey Campbell Litas that kept popping up in the media around Christmas time last year, namely:

Sweet Mercy Me.

You show me a girl who doesn’t like glitter and I’ll show you a liar. Personally, I believe that every girl, on some level, has an affinity for glitter. It can make the most mundane thing seem just a little bit special, a little bit wonderful and definitely a bit more expensive

I paired the shoes with a Breton striped top (is it BREE-ton? BREH-ton? BRAY-ton? Someone tell me.) and denim shorts this Monday morning, despite the chilly weather. I like having a little pop of colour on Mondays to lift the blues a bit, and the summery top reminds me that warm, sunny days are creeping closer and closer!

Why do my facial expressions always have to be so disastrous?

Top – H&M

Shorts – Primark

Shoes – Vans (available at Schuh)

I also went for a spontaneous dinner with friends tonight at The Atheneaum, and wound up eating ALL THE THINGS EVER but it was all so good:

Left to Right: Posh Chips, Beet and Cabbage Slaw, Rocket Salad, Chips and a Solitary Onion Ring, Mushroom and Haloumi Burger and The Little Green Apple cocktail.

This was a concoction of whiskey, apple juice and cinnamon syrup. I didn't actually like it all that much though, I gave it a go because I do enjoy apples and cinnamon but I'm not all that big on whiskey, and the whiskey just proved to be a bit overpowering for me, but whiskey fans would probably enjoy this a bit more.

I'm sitting here nursing a food baby right now (I shall call him Gordo.) and my eyelids are growing heavy, so I'mma take my leave right now. I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging shizz.

Niiiiiiight all.


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