Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stepping, Stomping, I'm all gone.

So much love for Lykke Li's - I'm Good, I'm Gone right now.

Look what came in the mail today!

And this ladies and gentlemen, between a pair of wicked sparkly shoes, a new bag and an ill-advised bowler hat (more on that another time. Unless I try it on and decide to send it back lest I look like an extra from A Clockwork Orange.) is why I’m often running myself financially into the ground. What I should be doing is trawling the internet for good investment pieces like things I actually need (my only pair of black ballet flats are falling to pieces), or even secondhand designer tat that’ll stand to make me look less like a moron, but no. Sparkly shoes it is.

But I digress.

I really do need to stop being overly reliant on big spacey bags, where it takes me a bajillion years to find a pack of gum, or have bits of tobacco and crumpled up receipts rolling around miserably in them until I decide to give it a good shake and Lord knows what else comes flying out of there. Even I need some order in my life, some form of containment, slight restraint does one good.

Not that I particularly philosophical reason to buy a pretty bag, of course.

I almost never wear my glasses, but I had trouble sleeping (which happens more than I would like) and my eyes had puffed up to the point where putting on contact lenses seemed nearly impossible and I Could. Not. Be. Arsed. And when I’m feeling rough, I throw on a jumper and leggings and voila! Outfit! I do have so much love for this jumper though, from the dark green colour (Green is supposedly the most calming colour to the human eye!) to just how lovely and soft it is, and softly billows out when belted to create a feminine silhouette, and the best part? Sale item for a princely sum of TEN British pounds. YES PLEASE. Paired with some gold earrings, I tried to go for a 60’s inspired look, sort of an understated elegance because anything that required serious effort would’ve made me keel over and DIE.

Top – River Island

Belt – New Look

Bag – Aldo via ASOS

Wedges (barely seen)– H&M

Earrings – H&M

The wedges ripped the back of my feet to shreds though. Yuck!

I've also only just found out right this instant that I failed the one exam I thought I would do really well in. FUCK FUCK FUCKITTY FUCK FUCK BALLS.

I hate myself so much right now that I could actually punch myself in the gut.

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