Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hot Mess.

I apologise for the language in the previous post. But with so much on my mind right now, that test result was a kick in my metaphorical balls. I’ve just slunk off to lick my wounds and stew about how much I suck, but in the meantime, a little writing to take my mind off things would probably do me some good, and probably horrify you a little less.

I’m a hell of a mess today. I couldn’t sleep again, and I woke up late for uni, so it was a case of throwing on whatever I could grab and running out the door, and was shown a very strange film about a sentient chimp. Today was 5 hours that I’ll never get back.

If you think I look quite psychotic here, you're not alone.

Mess. Horrific, greasy mess. I've worn this outfit before and rocked it, but I was all over the place today and just wanted to get the day over with. In the back of my fried and frazzled mind, I imagined a white oxford shirt and black leggings to be a form of minimalist chic and having clean hair usually helps but between running around like a headless chicken and making sure I was at least fit for uni, a few luxuries had to be sacrificed.

Glasses - Ray-Bans

Men's shirt - Burton

Belt - New Look

Leggings - H&M

Flats - New Look

I'm so tired of everything right now.

- Diana.

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