Saturday, 18 February 2012

Keep calm and try something new.

After considerable prompting, I finally jumped on the wagon and decided to try this whole outfit blog thing. I've been meaning to give it a try for a while anyway but never did get around to it (in the future, you will see that this is a recurring problem) but a phrase my mum would always say was "better late than never." (I will point out that she uses this phrase most often on a Sunday morning because we are always always late for church.)

Personally, I’ve never been able to put a label on my sense of style. One day I could be walking around in an oversized crisp white oxford with leggings and the next I’d have a studded belt around black shorts paired with beat-up converse and a graphic tee. I have been told before that I dress like a hipster but don’t act like one (in that I don’t drink exclusively 100% Arabica slavery-free ice soy macchiatos and frequently eat things that used to have a face) which ironically is the most ironic thing I could do at all. HIPSTERCEPTION!

Introductions are always so awkward, so with perhaps just a small portion of my dignity intact, let's jump ahead to today's outfit:

Can you tell I'm hungover here ? This was the morning after 6 jagerbombs, two clubs and half a box of chips and cheese (which in retrospect were a very very bad idea.) and the prospect of picking an outfit based on a series of separates, over even top to go with jeans (put socks on before putting skinny jeans on. I learnt this the hard way.) seemed too stressful. With this dress however, I didn't really have to put much thought into it, as the bird print and collar detail already did the hard part of making an item look interesting and the red brogues were comfy yet dressy enough to take from sushi in the afternoon to dinner and Woman in Black (I shat bricks.) in the evening. The brogues were kind of a pain though because it started to snow and I wound up doing some sort of Bambi walk all the way back to mine, my awkward march leaving heel marks in the snow.

That wraps up my introductory post, here's hoping that there's more where that came from (and that I get some sleep tonight after that film)

- Diana


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