Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Next Episode.

We’ve been having a stretch of nice weather now, the sun is shining, the tank is clean (you probably know where that line is from.) and all in time for exams.

Exams. That require revision. That require us to stay inside. I’ve been camping in uni for the past few days in order to try and cram but my thoughts slowly turn to how much I want a cheese sandwich and I wonder if people are offended by me eating crunchy food in a quiet room. Lately my revision sessions have been failing, probably due to the fact I didn’t go to lectures enough. Damn it. So then I usually go run away and watch stupid films like this one.

Once you get out of the habit of studying, it’s a little hard to try and get back in the swing o’things, so I’ve been more or less faffing about and crying inside about how I’m dooooooooomed.

And now the weather’s starting to actually turn hot, and I’m not sure if I’d rather be roasting indoors or being sweaty outdoors. It’s not necessarily a nice heat either, it’s the sort of heat that turns you sluggish and you just want to fill a bag with ice cubes and use it as a pillow (just me? Okay then.)

A quick outfit picture for you all,

I swear I'm having a great day, just that Aberdeen was uncharacteristically bright.

 Leather Jacket  and Maxi Dress - New Look
Bag - Aldo
Sandals - Next

I had an amazing Sunday filled with roast lunches and purchasing of pleasant cheese from Markie's, which is always the best way to procrastinate.

Sadly, responsibilities are a-callin, so now I must bid you all adieu for now and pretend to be a reasonable adult.

- Diana xxx

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