Thursday, 31 May 2012


Aaaaand we are back to grey weather! I suppose an extended stretch of sun was too good to be true for Costa del Deen but I didn’t escape the sun without picking a souvenir that’s been seared onto my back. I’ve had a fairly eventful past few days which included getting sand in my everywhere, birthday drinks with my flatmate (her birthday, not mine, you can expect a wee bit more fanfare for mine.) and a quick nip to see MamaLaw in London for a day and a half.

A shot of what I wore for cocktails with my flatmate:

 Blazer - H&M
Romper - Topshop
Wedges - Dorothy Perkins
Rosy Sunburn - Mother Nature

I didn't do much in London to be honest, saw my mum, walked around town, nothing much, so I didn't really take many pictures worth sharing, but safe to say it was nice to get some sun before flying straight back into the grey.

A quick snap of myself with my uncle (left) myself, mum (right) and aunt (far right) in front of a novelty ice cream van before dinner, looking delightfully awkward (it must run in the family).

What's everyone else been up to lately?

- Diana xxx

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