Sunday, 20 May 2012

Outrun my gun.

When you’ve been studying for hours upon HOURS, you jump at the chance to take a break, which is exactly what I did with Amelia when I came over to hers to film this masterpiece here before cracking back on till about 6. That is, 6 in the morning. Yes. I was slumped in front of the computer way past sunrise before giving up and taking a nap till noon that felt like 5 minutes. 

At some point in the day I slammed the laptop shut (I’m sorry lappy, MOMMY LOVES YOU) and loudly proclaimed I no longer wished to stare at slides concerning various mental disorders, and then shoveled food into my facehole continuously for five hours. Ah, life.

Casually pirating images from this lovely lady.
 Following that, I went to go watch magician duo Barry and Stuart that evening. I'm in the school of thought that you should treat shows as an occasion (that and I just really like gussying up real nice). Maybe the sunny bit that we're having right now (Why does the sun come out on the brink exams? I WANNA BE OUTSIDE. HARRUMPPH.) is part of the reason I want to wear dress and skirt type things.

The new Derpie doll! Thousands of poses! All of them awkward!

For someone who had about 6 hours sleep in 2 days, I think I clean up decently.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Mel

But warm days come with cold nights, so I was casually bitching myself out walking home later. I was functioning on autopilot for most part though, so I finally crawled into bed. 

 I really need to get my studying butt back into gear.

- Diana xxx

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